White Papers

The e-Content Institute is pleased to make selected white papers and research reports available as a service to the e-content community. We include selected reports from e-Content Institute’s Corporate Members and key partner associations as well as pertinent reports in the areas of content/ document/ records/ information/ knowledge management, e-learning, business intelligence, information services and CRM.

Click on the titles below to be taken directly to the report / presentation on the creator’s site. Studies by corporate members are listed first, followed by studies by partners, then other research that is of value to the e-content community.


Factiva – A Dow Jones and Reuters Company

  • How to Utilize Enterprise Information Architecture to Enable Enterprise Information Integration (visit www.factiva.com)
  • Making Solid Business Decisions through Intelligent Indexing Taxonomies (visit www.factiva.com)
  • Content Intelligence Services, Driving Smart Workplaces Delphi Group (visit www.factiva.com)

LexisNexis Butterworths

Micromedia Proquest

Micromedia presentations and Industry news:

  • Generation Shift Happens: Building the Library That They Need for Their Future
  • Trends and Opportunities in Reference Librarianship
  • Growing Up Past Your Google Years: Libraries and the Next Generation of Learners
  • Top Tech Trends for Internet Librarians
  • “10 Trends Rocking the Library World . . . and the Kids are Alright”
  • Best Practices for Structuring Your Internet (visit http://www.micromedia.ca/)

Microsoft Canada

  • SaskTel Selects Microsoft® Windows® XP and Office XP Professional to Standardize Desktops while Helping to Cut IT Costs and Increase Productivity.
  • Harvey’s Gains Greater Business Agility in the Highly Competitive Restaurant Market.
  • HP Canada Ltd. Develops Business Governance Portal to Manage Post Merger Project Work, Results in Greater Employee Productivity and Collaboration
  • Ministry of Revenue Quebec first to offer online tax remittance in North America using Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET


  • Distributed Data Protection
  • OnX guide to Content management
  • A Content Management Solution with Great Reviews

Statistics Canada

  • Regional disparities of research and development in the business services sector
  • Technological Change in the Public Sector, 2000-2002
  • An historical comparison of technological change, 1998-2000 and 2000-2002, in the private and public sectors
  • Information and communication technology use: are small firms catching up? (Analysis in brief)
  • Beyond the information highway: networked Canada (Information and communications technologies (ICT) compendium)
  • Internet use rates, by location of access and household income

Government of Canada

  • Connecting with Canadians: Pursuing Service Transformation
    Final Report of the Government On-Line Advisory Panel

Sterling Commerce

Exploding Myths and Examining Realities of E-Business in the Internet Era Now on the verge of its third decade, the art and science of e-business
is beginning to mature and take on different flavors and shades. So, too
are the choices and decisions in purchasing, implementing, updating and using > e-business in a way that yields maximum return on investment. Today’s
e-business means a lot more than hitting a network connection and firing off
batch-processed purchase orders or invoices. Growing into a rich and subtle business tool, the fullest sense of e-business means the ability to do business with anyone, anywhere at any time. Read the white paper at:


AIIM (registration required)

  • Back to Basics: The Search for Efficiency AND Compliance
    A Summary of Findings from User Research in Six Countries
  • Electronic Records Management Survey:
    A Call To Action by AIIM and ARMA
  • What information is critical to your business?
  • Information Lifecycle management
  • Proactively managing your content management
  • E-mail Policies and Practices: An Industry Study by AIIM International and Kahn Consulting

CRMA Canada

  • The CRMA Best Practices Benchmarking Study—Enterprise CRM Industry Report Card 2002
  • Customer Relationship Management Solution Propels ELibrary To Market Dominance in 24 Months
  • Content Management Tech Rankings
  • Why CRM Projects Fail


  • Truth or Consequences:10 Myths that Cripple Competitive Intelligence
  • Three Easy Steps for Gathering Intelligence at Trade Shows
  • It’s Not Market Research
  • 10 Things You REALLY Need to Know About Competitors
  • Best Practices Forum: Writing Intelligence Reports That Get Read
  • SCIP Research: Ethical Issues in Competitive Intelligence Practice: Consensus, Conflicts, and Challenges


Butler Group (registration required)

  • How to avoid leaving clients hanging on the telephone
  • Enterprise Content Management Survey – March 2004
  • Business Intelligence – A European Perspective
  • The real value of Integrated Document Management
  • Holistic Content Management – Defining a broad CM strategy
  • Reading RFID

Forrester (registration required)

  • Evaluating The Health Of Open Source Software
  • How To Manage Enterprise DBMS Efficiently
  • What Do Content Site Users Want?
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Solutions — Invest Or Pay Later – Hybrid Applications Emerge
  • For Internal Controls Compliance
  • IT Trends 2004: Digital Asset Management
  • IT Trends 2004: Records Management

Gartner (registration required)

  • The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide: 2004
  • Architecture: the foundation of Business Intelligence
  • Recognizing the Warning Signs of Outgrown CRM Systems
  • Business Process Automation: The New Buzzword in CRM
  • MarketScope: Customer Relationship Marketing, 1Q04
  • Asia/Pacific: CRM Software Market Through 2007 (Executive Summary)