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David Shinwell
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Corporate membership and programmes

Robert Schock
Director, Business Development
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Business development opportunities and Institute reports and briefings

Virginia Roy
Director, Information Highways Conference and
Managing Editor, Information Highways Magazine
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Conference programming and development, Information Highways Magazine and Hot Bytes editorial content.

Sue Bowness
Editor, Information Highways Magazine and Hot Bytes
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Information Highways Magazine and Hot Bytes editorial content

Kim Silk
Program Chair, Information Highways Conference
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Conference programming, Institute reports and briefings, and Information Highways Magazine Special Reports

Joanne Shinwell
Director, Sales & Administration
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Professional membership,
Information Highways Magazine & Hot Bytes advertising sales.
Information Highways Conference & Product Exhibition sponsorships and exhibits
Information Highways Conference and Product Exhibition program

Heather Wilson
Chair, Canadian e-Content Awards
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Canadian e-Content award submissions and adjudication

Julie McNeill
Art Director,
Information Highways Magazine